Aerden (aerden) wrote,

FenCon VI

I'm back from FenCon in Dallas. Had a very good time visiting some friends of mine who I haven't seen in years. Lois McMaster Bujold was the Writer Guest of Honor, and she was a pleasure to meet and listen to.

I arrived around 11am on Friday, picked up at the airport by gypsy_anna. We drove to the hotel and checked in, then checked in with the con folks. After that, we explored the dealers' room. There was all sorts of cool stuff in there--t-shirts, costumes, lots and lots of books, CD's, comic books, tarot cards, Norse rune sets, jewelry, and a place selling essential oils.

Our main purpose for attending the convention was to just visit with each other and with friends we've known for years through Pern fandom. gypsy_anna, I, and our friend vdansk held a leadership team meeting for StarRise Weyr in the hotel's hot tub, a tradition that I think we will continue. (g)

I also met vdansk's college roommate Russ and her husband Wayne, two very fun people. Russ is another friend I've known for over a decade, though not well, through Pern.

On Friday, I attended a panel discussion led by rclementmoore about which non-SF TV shows people were watching. Shows mentioned included Burn Notice, How I Met Your Mother, Royal Pains, House, Bones, NCIS, CSI, and Dexter.

On Saturday morning, we attending a reading of rclementmoore's upcoming newest book, which was completely hilarious and had us almost falling out of our chairs. Moral of the story: Be careful what you wear when chasing a calf. :)

I attended some filking by a guy named Tom Smith--very funny man! I also attended the keynote address by Bujold, and I went to the Art Show. Thanks to vdansk, I came away from the Art Show on Sunday with a work of art entitled "Potions Master" by Kerry Maffeo. It's of Snape lecturing, and what I like best about it is that the artist did not use Alan Rickman as the body model. I adore Rickman, but I do like to see individual artists' ideas of what Snape looks like. She also did one of Sprout--again, her own version of Sprout.

I gave in to a bit of childhood whimsy and purchased a knee-length vest, which reminded me of the ones Bea Arthur used to wear on Maude. I always wanted one of those. The one I bought isn't exactly like Maude's, but it's close enough. :)

Other fun stuff--dinner at the Blue Goose Cantina on Friday and then at Firefly's on Saturday. The extremely chatty but attentive waiter who served us at the hotel's restaurant on Friday and Sunday. A postcard advertising a book called The Lute and the Liar by Rie Sheridan (?), which I want to buy, just for the cover. A postcard for an upcoming book about a rookie FBI agent and a blind NSA agent.

I limited myself to two t-shirts: one with the Serenity movie logo on it and a Stargate one that says, "There's no place like (chevron symbol for Earth)." I gave serious thought to also buying one that says "Reality is for people who can't handle the square root of -1."

I attended the ConJour 2010 room tea party, visited with a friend named Bunny who had moved to Louisiana, and then went to bed sometime between midnight and 1am. That was entirely too late to be drinking tea. :)

My friend Susan drove me to the airport from the hotel, and I think I'll be crashing soon. Good night!

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