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I spent a lovely Sunday RP'ing with padfoot_uk and chipperrazzi--also known as Sarah and Azreen. I had a wonderful time; they are so fun to write with!

Speaking of writing, I bought a copy of the Writing the Breakout Novel Workbook by Donald Maass, and I am using it to refine my current story, The Curse of Avriet. I will probably write it for this year's NaNoWriMo, if I can wait that long. I really want to get started writing, but I know I need to do the preparation, first. I will be posting entries pertaining to the Workbook in my musevoices journal, which is devoted specifically to writing, both fannish and professional. I'll have a special section in Memories set aside for Workbook things.

If I don't write Curse of Avriet for Nano, I'll write To Move the Heavens, instead.

Not much going on, otherwise. I saw the tape of Dead Like Me from last Sunday, when I was at Lammas circle. A new episode airs tonight.

I've discovered I have a fondness for Drambuie. This is a Bad Thing, because I'm very fond of it. The stuff is delicious!

An old friend from high school, Susan Beatty, appeared in a dream I had last night. I haven't thought of her in years, but there she was! I hope she still has that pretty, long hair I remember.

I'm craving one of those little chocolate, creme-filled, snack cake things, like a Ding-Dong or a Hi-Ho. I'm forcing myself to be good and stick to Crystal Light, but...aarrgghhh!!!

Off to do some work in MuseVoices.

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