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Regarding Fans of Writers

SF author John Scalzi posted an article on his blog that is well worth reading if you are the fan of any particular writer and seek to become a writer, yourself. I agree with everything the man says about people who try to ask him for 'wannabe-writer' favors.

I have committed this sin myself, a couple of times--once, when I was a teenager, when I think it could be excused, and once when I didn't realize the person (a fellow LJ'er) was actually a professional writer; I had thought she was just an extremely dedicated amateur.

Any fan who wants a writer to read his manuscript or introduce him to colleagues should read what Scalzi has to say about the matter. My feeling is, if you want to be a writer, then write, and write, and write. Then submit, submit, and submit your work. You have to put in your ten thousand hours--at least.

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