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Friends of Crys: Today, I went into the grocery store to look for Mark's birthday card...and I found one featuring Marvo the Mosquito (or some similar insect). It was nice to see the name; very weird to see it on a birthday card surely designed by someone who never knew Crys.

He might have found it mildly amusing.

Medical Gripe:
Dear Medical Transcriptionist,

How dare you work in an ophthalmologist's office and write, "The patient has no light projection..." several times in the report?!

What's really weird is that you got the rest of the terminology correct.




TV and Food: Okay, I am now officially hooked on How I Met Your Mother. But I am more hooked on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives. Last night, DDD visited a Houston restaurant, Kenny & Ziggy's New York Deli. I've eaten there before once, with a Jewish friend. I think I ate their potato dumplings. They were goooood. And you have to love a restaurant that serves an endless supply of dill pickle spears as appetizers.

I've also discovered there is a Jax Grill here in Houston. I didn't think there were any, outside of New Orleans.

New Bones episodes beginning September 17! *bounces*

The Geico pothole commercial rocks.

StarRise Weyr: Mainly concentrating on Alissi's story for Out of the Blue #28. In it, she has to deal with her mixed feelings about severely risking her dragon's life, to rescue a couple of children who were trapped in a collapsing Hold. I had expected this story to be the resolution of things with K'lend, a bronzerider who is infatuated with Alissi, but the dragon issue is overtaking my brain, for the moment.

I'm going to see if I can copy the zine to a disk and get it printed double-sided and bound at Kwik Copy. I'm finding that, even though it is easier to read the zine on the computer because of typeface enlargement, I really prefer to have a hardcopy, mainly because .pdf is Really Irritating to scroll through. It's easy to miss where one page ends and another begins, in .pdf.

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