Aerden (aerden) wrote,

IE Problems

Just posting to let you all know Mark and I are having problems accessing the Internet at home. Our IE 6 is hosed, apparently from a virus we had a day or two ago. We're running IE 8 at the moment, but we will be switching to Firefox later today and installing service pack 3 into our XP. Our Windows should have updated our system with that automatically; not sure why it didn't.

Right now, we have only partial functionality, and what we can do varies from site to site. I can apparently do things in LiveJournal just fine, but Mark cannot post to Blogspot and other sites. I presume I will be okay in Dreamwidth and other sites running the LJ platform. I am going to see whether I can post in the StarRise Weyr forum and Langley Station sites now.

So, I'll likely see you on LiveJournal, but anything else is anybody's guess, until we can get our system repaired.

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