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With Grandma Gaudiano and Dad

My Dad called me up this morning and said that he was going to be driving my Grandma Gaudiano, who is 90, out to see her old neighborhood and the church that she and my Grandpa got married in, then have lunch afterward, and would I like to join them?

I was interested, because Grandma is 90, after all, and I might not get to spend much more time with her. Also, I was interested in the family history aspect of it.

So Dad picked me up, and the three of us went out to where Grandma grew up. When she was a kid, this place was 'out in the country.' Now, it is in central west Houston, inside Loop 610. Grandma lived essentially at San Felipe and Briar Hollow.

San Felipe and Briar Hollow is now home to--I swear!--mansions. We were going along this kind of circular street with nothing but four or five mansions on it. I thought it must be part of River Oaks. These were huge houses! For Grandma, it was farming country. The land now sells for about a million dollars an acre!

She and the kids who lived nearby used to walk about two miles to attend the Post Oak School, which was located where the Nieman-Marcus store is, today. St. Michael's Catholic Church on Sage Street, where Grandma got married, has been rebuilt. The original church is now the fellowship hall, apparently, and the new church is gorgeous! Beautiful stained glass, everywhere. To me, it looks exactly the way a Catholic church ought to look. I was wishing Mark and I had gotten married there, within 30 seconds of walking in the door. All I could think was, Wow!

Afterward, Dad showed us a deli over on San Felipe and Post Oak, called Eatzi's. The place is great! They have a place where you can get salad and sandwiches, and there's also a bakery. They sell all sorts of pasta, and their vegetables are the best I've ever seen--huge, flawless tomatoes, large red potatoes, large onions. I bought a carton of blueberries and a bag of granola. I was tempted to buy some of their pesto bread, too. Yum! I have to take Mark there. He will love it!

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