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Choir Audition

Today was my audition day for the Galveston-Houston Archdiocesan Choir. It was held at St. Dominic's Chancery over on Holcombe. It was extremely short. I just sang a few lines from my piece, "Simple Gifts." Then the choir directer had me match pitches with some broken chords played on the piano at various volumes and had me sight-sing.

The choir directer and accompanist seemed to like my voice, and the accompanist definitely liked the Mark Hayes' arrangement of "Simple Gifts" that I brought. I agree with her. It really is beautiful, and I feel like a soaring bird when I sing it.

As auditions go, it was not bad at all, but I was still a bit shaky after I finished. I relaxed by going outside and singing some Mozart arias. It helped.

The choir practices two Sundays a month, 2pm-5pm. It also does dress rehearsals from 7pm-10pm on Thursdays for performances, and we have to arrive at performances an hour and a half ahead of time for last-minute rehearsal and warm-up.

I got to meet Sister Mary Eleanor, who I would have sung immediately after, had my audition time not been moved up. She's already a member of the choir, I think--they require current members to re-audition every other year. There is a Dominican convent right across the street from the Chancery.

I'm told the choir sings Gregorian chants, which would make me really, really happy, if I were selected for the choir. I'll keep my fingers crossed.

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