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Writing Work

I worked a bit on Archon of Gloucester this evening after thinking a lot about it all weekend. I also wrote some stuff for it this past week that completely sucked. I am very disappointed and annoyed at how bad that section of writing is. I did get some useful character development from it, but overall, it wasn't an effective piece of dialogue, the more of it I wrote.

I am thinking about doing away with the move to Gloucester and just keeping the story set in London. I realized I really like the characters I've created for Southwark Cathedral in London, and I'd hate having to mostly not use them again, once Paul left for Gloucester. Also, I'm not convinced that the story needs to move to Glouceter; I think I can tell it perfectly well in London.

If I do that, though, it will mean that Paul won't be replacing the Sorter in Gloucester; he'll instead have to replace the Inquisitor in London--which he will absolutely hate. Gah! *glares at story*

Aside from this, I have to write some stuff for StarRise, do some priestly research for Nova Roma, and contribute to the Obsidian Fleet RP's. *sigh*

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