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When Movie Casting and Fan Fiction Collide

The actor who will play Voldemort in Goblet of Fire has been cast, according to the Coming Attractions website. Looks like Ralph Fiennes will play him. I think Fiennes will do it well, as he did nicely nuanced work in Red Dragon and Spider.

The fan fiction part of this is...One of the main characters I play in sphogwarts is Professor Gareth Adams, once known as Paul Graves, an ex member of the Death-Eaters. The body model for him as he appears under the Fidelius Charm is, you guessed it, Ralph Fiennes.

I don't know whether this is funny or scary. Must be funny, because I haven't stopped giggling at the irony, since I found out. The little Paul in my head, of course, is horrified and deeply in denial. *snicker*

Other news--I saw another episode of Crossing Jordan, tonight. Apparently, A&E must show several reruns during the week. I love this show! All the characters I've seen so far in the ensemble cast have well-developed personalities, and all of them are interesting, as are the cases. I look forward to seeing more of this show, and I want to find out when the current episodes air.

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