Aerden (aerden) wrote,

Books and Dinner

Mark and I didn't see a movie, this evening. Instead, we spent way too much time in Borders and then went out to dinner at Beck's Prime, a sort of burger joint that also does steak.

I decided I wanted to explore some of the shops near the bookstore, so I wandered inside a couple.

Roula's Nails is a nail-painting place and costume jewelry boutique. I swear, they really ought to rename the place Her Majesty's Jewelry Box, because that's the sort of costume jewelry they have in it--a mix of the modern and stuff that I could imagine Elizabeth Tudor wearing. They sell some very gaudy rings, but their earrings and necklaces are gorgeous. Shiny!

There was one necklace and earring set that I really wanted. It was sort of teal and green with a faceted, oval-shaped transparent teal pendant danging from the necklace part. Just gorgeous, but where would I wear it? We don't go anyplace where I'd be able to show it off. It sure was pretty, though.

I did come out of there with a butterfly clasp for my hair. It's gold in color, with iridescent tiger-eye-looking bits attached--very pretty, but too small to contain all of my ponytail. I have to wear some of my hair loose with that clasp in.

Next, I went into a shop called The Antiquarium. They sell antique prints, such as Cooper's anatomical prints, which show illustrations of the skull, skeletons in various poses, hands, feet, and arms, as well as the nervous system (minus the brain but with the eyes!) and the circulatory system (with kidneys). Very neat. vdansk has written a Pern story called "Hands of the Healer," and when I saw the drawing of the excarnated hands, I thought of that story title.

In the Borders, I had a soda water with coconut-flavored syrup, which was quite tasty. I bought three books there--one by the Dalai Lama, one about a Middle Eastern mystic poet named Rumi, and one called The Guernsey Liteary and Potato Peel Pie Society, which caersidi recommended.

Now I'm home and contemplating writing.

I'm cntemplating... I'm conteplating... Hm. It's a quarter of ten. Maybe I shouldn't start something this later. Hm.

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