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Archdiocesan Choir

My co-worker Dory passed on information to me about the Galveston-Houston Archdiocesan Choir, which will be holding auditions on July 19 and 26. I've decided to audition for it. This choir performs at ordinations of bishops, priests, and deacons, and it also perform at Confirmations and other liturgies. I believe it also performed in Rome when our Archbishop, Joseph Fiorenza, was ordained in his new position.

I hope to join it because I suspect it performs better music than is usually sung in church every Sunday (snooze!). I have not really liked church music since they stopped playing the hymns written in the 70's--the more rock-style hymns. At my old church down in Clear Lake, they went from singing a really cool version of the 'Our Father' (from my childhood) to one that has put me to sleep since my teens. Church music does not have to sound like it was written by a bunch of old ladies.

Mainly, I want really good classical, really good modern arranged pieces, or something lively--no tambourines; just lively. I'd love to sing "Our God is an Awesome God," though I don't think Catholic choirs sing it. I'd also like to learn some Gregorian chants, and some Hildegard would be wonderful!

Anyway...I've been looking over the sheet music I have, and I've decided on "Simple Gifts" as being the song that a church accompanist would probably find easiest to play. My classical voice pieces generally try to emulate an entire orchestra on the piano, and they can be difficult to play. We have to bring four copies of our piece as well as four copies of a liturgical refrain. Where the heck am I to find one of those? I'll go look; the Web is a wonderful place.

"Simple Gifts" is not too flashy, but the arrangement I have does show off my voice and my range. I think someone auditioning for a choir shouldn't sing something too flashy, because the whole point of a choir is being able to blend in, but being capable of performing solo if needed. So I think bringing "Deh, vieni, non tardar" or "Voi, che sapete" would be a bit much.

I've passed on the information to my voice teacher. Maybe some of her older students will want to audition.

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