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Aerden [userpic]
Hospital Dream - 08/03/04

This dream took place in a hospital, and it was a weird combination of ER and St. Mungo's from the Harry Potter RP I'm in. The unique part of this dream is that I was planning how events would proceed as the dream happened, as if I were plotting a story or a chapter in a book.

The dream started out as something else, which I can't remember. But the main pertinent part of this dream started with Nurse Carol Hathaway. I was deciding that the ER would be horribly busy, that night, and that one of the plotlines would be Hathaway testing a nursing trainee. The trainee looked a lot like Gail Porter, who is the body model for Arcadia Moon in SP-Hogwarts, but the character wasn't Arcadia.

The first patient of the night was a 21 year-old woman with a cancerous tumor that had ruptured. There was a scene of Hathaway looking over this girl's chart and being shocked at how young the woman was and at the severity of the tumor. She pages the nursing trainee and tells her she needs a lot of IV's, stat. She's testing the trainee because she knows the trainee is drunk.

The next scene is chaos as usual at the ER. The place is crowded; everybody and their brother is there. In comes a very loud, very boisterous company of Marines or some other type of military unit. They're all in uniform, all yucking it up (that's the phrase in my dream), and they're at the hospital to be with a buddy of theirs who was injured.

The hospital staff are not pleased. The Marines are very loud, laughing a lot, and nobody knows why. They're getting all sorts of dirty looks and questions like, "Don't you care that your buddy is hurt?" and so forth.

My Healer character, Dr. Alexander, comes in to treat the injured Marine, and he seems completely unbothered by their laughter. The patient is telling Dr. Alexander that his buddies are the best ones in the world, and Alexander agrees that yes, they are.

In my head, unbeknownst to the reader, is the fact that the injured Marine is an empath, and so is Dr. Alexander. so they both know that the Marine unit is trying to help their buddy feel better by projecting humor.

And then Mark woke me up because I have to go to jury duty, today. (g) Darn it all!

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Current Music: Pachelbel's Canon in D

Darnit, I wanted to know how the dream ended! You'll have to continue it tonight!

(BTW, do I still have tenure at Dr Alexander's hospital? :-))

Heck, yes! Dr. Nivis Nicks is still around! (g)

PS: I know 'nix' means snow in Latin. What does 'nivis' mean?


Good! :-D

"Nivis" is just snow in the genitive - so basically, my username means "the snow's snow". There's a fairly convoluted Swedish Latinist in-joke behind it as well. :-)

Oh, neat! I thought maybe it meant 'snowelf' or something. Thanks for the translation. :)