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July 2019
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Aerden [userpic]
Still Sweltering

The A/C worked well last night after we got the breaker replaced--because the air conditioner repairmen had refilled it with freon for a leak they couldn't find. The freon has now all volatilized away, and the house is hot once more. *sigh* Thank God for fans! And we at least had one good, cool night. It was blissful.

We're told the leak is somewhere in the external unit, which is (Thank you, Jesus!) still under warranty.

Now...time to buy tickets for the Glen Beck movie theatre appearance. Bye!

Current Mood: hothot

Ooooh. I like Glenn Beck. I may have to look into this some more. I know it's tomorrow...I'll have to see if Adam will want to go! :)

Beck is so much fun! The tickets are $18 apiece, with a $2 service fee apiece. The amount for you and Adam would come out to $40, which isn't bad. I hope you get to go. :)


I'm loving Beck's new show. He imparts so much information in that one hour. It's a real education in history, politics and economics. I loved that he had Thomas Sowell on several days last week.

Amqu--Thomas sowell is great!

I don't get to see Beck's TV show anymore, because Fox airs him at 4pm my time, when I'm must getting off work. By the time I get home, it's over. But I used to enjoy watching him on CNN, and I love his radio show, too, when I'm able to listen to it.

Mark and I went to his previous movie theater performance several months ago and liked it very much--it was just a lot of plain, common-sense, practical talk about what America stands for, and what we as Americans should stand for. I was so glad we went.


If there is any way that you can record it and watch it later, I would recommend it. I really think he's the only one out there right now connecting all the dots. He has great guests who really flesh out the realities of the current political/economic climate. Plus, he's really funny.