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Monday Update - Lammas!

Happy Lammas!

I saw my optometrist at the Low Vision Clinic today, who confirmed that my bifocal glasses are for computer work and for distance--though they frankly don't improve my distance acuity much, if at all. They do help a bit with the computer, though.

After that, we went to the bank, then picked up some Church's fried chicken and their biscuits. Yum1 Three chicken tenders and a fluffy, hot, buttery, faintly honeyed biscuit are the way to go!

I think my eyes aren't too happy about the glasses. They feel tired.

I have to report for jury duty tomorrow at 12:15. I'll use the occasion as an excuse to have lunch at my favorite pub, even if it has lost most of its former ambience. This time, though, I will talk to no one but the waitress while I'm there. I don't want to meet another creepy guy like the one I met the last time I was there. Ugh! is it just an American thing that a lot of guys who spend time in bars seem to be creeps?

I really want to write, but I also really want to sleep.

Lammas ritual with my coven was lovely, last night! My HP-ess has lent me a book about esotericism and hermeticism, because I had asked her about them a couple of days ago. It's quite a thick book.

My birthday will occur on the next full moon! Looking forward to that! :)

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