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The Village

I don't think there are any spoilers in this, but feel free to skip this entry just in case, if you like.

I saw The Village this evening, and I enjoyed it. The film takes place in the small, late 19th century village of Covington. The village is surrounded by a dense forest that the tosnwfolk are warned never to enter, lest they incur the wrath of the creatures who live in the forest. Naturally, someone decides to check the forest out, and there begins the trouble.

I give this movie a B+ rating. It has a completely unexpected twist ending, not at all what I thought would happen. Unfortunately, I went into this movie expecting and wanting it to be something other than it was, so that, in the end, I was not as satisfied with it as I would otherwise have been. Another flaw is that the twist ending, while good, does not stand up to logical scrutiny, once you leave the theater and start thinking about how it would really work.

Still, while you're watching it, this movie does suck you in. To get the full effect of it, let the character of Ivy Walker be your beacon, and let her guide you through the movie. That will make the experience all the more intense.

In some ways, this movie is like Malice, with regard to the wonderful twist. But, where the plot twist in Malice made it more than the viewer expected, this twist, to my mind, makes the movie less than the viewer expects--at least, it does if you go in there wanting it to be what I was wanting.

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