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Working on "Resistance"

I've been working on "Resistance" for the past couple of days. It's an AU Potterverse story about what happened to Frank and Alice Longbottom at the hands of Bellatrix LeStrange, but I've thrown Paul Graves in there.

It's just about ready for beta-reading, and I really will need readers for it, since it contains a long legilimency scene that I hope works, but I'm not sure how well it will mesh with what's going on outside of the legilimency. It starts from Snape's POV, then moves to Paul's POV for the legilimency scene, and then returns to Snape's POV for the end.

I'll need some feedback on whether I've got Bellatrix done right. I have specific reasons for why she's acting the way she's acting. Hopefully, I can adequately justify all of that.

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