Aerden (aerden) wrote,

Prayer to Bast

A member of the Nova Roma mailing list posted this beautiful prayer to Bast for the protection of one's cat:

Bast of beauty and of grace,
Protectress of the feline race,
Shield {name of pet} from all hurt and harm,
And keep him/her always safe and warm.
Watch over {name of pet} from day to day,
And guide him/her home if he/she should stray.
And grant him/her much happiness,
And a good life free of strife and stress.

by Dorothy Morrison

Potterverse: I have found an RPG on Dreamwidth that seeks original characters. It is called Now Playing. I've applied to write Seth and am waiting to see if he will be approved before I apply to write Paul. I'm doing them a bit differently than I did in SPH. Seth is a 6th-year Ravenclaw, and Paul openly defected and is about to be released from a sentence in Azkaban.

This game is set in 2006. Limit of three characters per player. Original characters welcome; in fact, it might be OC's only.

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