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September 2019
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Aerden [userpic]
Letters Across Time

If you could write letters across time to any one person in history, living or dead, whom would you write to, and why?

I would write to Emily Dickinson. If you have ever read her letters, she wrote some of the most fascinating correspondence ever to grace this planet. For her, even writing about catching a cold was an entertaining exercise in anthropomorphism. If she ever tried to conform to normal conventions of what to discuss and how to discuss it, I'm not aware of it. Every one of her letters is like one of her poems, full of unusual, crystal-clear images which the reader could take away with him after he read.

I almost wonder, in fact, whether my own letters would seem quite boring and mundane, compared to hers. I don't naturally exude her uniqueness of thought or her gift for metaphorical imagery. But I would still like to be able to write to her. If only there were some CDW wormhole that I could use... (g)

Current Mood: admiring
I Would Write To...

...the person that invented the tie. I would write to them in poisonous ink, written on explosive paper and sealed within an envelope made entirely out of killer nanites who are just waiting, waiting poised for their moment to strike.

What would i say? Funnily enough, it really doesn't matter :)

Re: I Would Write To...

I must say you have excellent taste in icons. :-)

Re: I Would Write To...


*still giggling hysterically*

I take it you don't like cravats, either? (g)


I would write to Chopin and declare my love for him or something.

Rocio--Yesssss...(g) And wish you could lie on the floor under the piano as he practices! I know the feeling!


Imagine just creeping behind him while he plays, wrapping your arms around his neck from behind while leaning over his shoulder and watch him play...


It's a toss-up between Thersa of Avila -- who was a marvelous writer and combined a saint's spiritual insight with earthy wisdom and wit, and Queen Christina of Sweden, who abdicated the throne of her Lutheran country to become Catholic and spent the rest of her life traveling, living in Vatican City, and mixed up with all kinds of fascinating people. There is a lot of mystery around her, and I would love to get her own uncensored, first-person account of her doings.