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Friday: Last Friday, Mark and I and our friend Donna went to listen to a local Chinese trio group of clsssical musicians. The pianist among them has been my accompanist at the NATS spring student auditions for the past two years, and she's very good! They are called Trio Formosan, and they play music by Chinese composers as well as by other classical composers. Friday evening, we heard "The Formosan Trio" by Tyzen Hsiao, a trio by Leonard Bernstein that he wrote in 1933, a piece called "Butterfly Lovers" by another Chinese composer, and "Four Seasons" by Piazzola, a South American composer.

The Formosan Trio (the piece) is to die for!

Domestic Mundania: I found bluebonnet glasses at HEB on the way to gaming, Saturday afternoon! They're beautiful--clear, plastic tumblers and highball glasses with natural-colored bluebonnet stems engraved into them. I orignally meant to just buy a couple for my Mom, who loves bluebonnets, but I decded I wanted some, too. If they still have them at HEB the next time I go back there, I will buy more. I really want to replace our motley collection of mismatched drinking glasses.

Is it wrong that I am this excited over pretty plastic glassware? (g)

Writing Work: I spent most of the weekend writing various things, including Archon of Gloucester. I also further developed the world for a story I began in 2004 called "Falkmere" for want of a better title. It's about a wizard who is made the guardian of a 14 year-old boy suffering from PTSD and conversion disorder. I wanted to use Gareth Adams from SPH and the child version of a character of mine from Children of the Vortex to see how the two of them would work in a story together. It reminds me of Piotr, Sergei, and Gareth in SPH.

I wonder what those three are doing now? Anyway...

Nova Roma: I also discovered, while reading my email this morning, that I am one of four people who were elected to the position of diribitor (vote-counter) in Nova Roma. Yea! We'll be running a small election soon and then the major one in the autumn.

It's weird. The organization itself (at least, the main list) drives me nuts, but I think its election system is fascinating.

Writing: I was reminded today of why I love writing. I love the process of figuring out how the imaginary world works and fits together.

In the world of Falkmere, magic comes in two types, Ihl (good magic) and Ner (dark magic). Yeah, I know, horribly uncreative. Today, though, my brain decided to be a bit more creative about it. It seems that, in this world, the Ihlani (good wizards) and the Nerani (dark wizards) have differing ideas of how one acquires the type of magic that one winds up with. The Ihlani believe that the would-be wizard chooses the type of magic. The Nerani believe that the type of magic 'claims' the would-be wizard.

This is all well and good until my main character, Edward, rejects the Ner.

By rejecting the Ner, he proves that the wizard chooses the type of magic s/he will use, not the other way around. This means that all wizards are responsible for their use of magic. It means that the king can come down hard on the Nerani because they are now demonstrably accountable for the evil things they do. The Nerani are Not Happy with Edward.

In fact, I'm surprised he has survived to this point. I must figure out how he's evaded all of the death-threats and assassination attempts. Hm.

*wanders off*

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