Aerden (aerden) wrote,

Wednesday Night at Home

Well, I'm over the worst of the 24-hour bug I came down with, Monday night. It starts with a very sore throat and moves on to muscle aches and fever. After about 24 hours of that, it subsides, and you get the cough and runny nose. *sigh*

Tonight, I pretty much just watched Dog and worked on posts for the StarRise Weyr Board--fascinating discussion going on there about uncommon diseases. I'd have done a new one for the USS Courageous or Langley Station, but there were either no new posts or no good opportunity for me to insert my characters, so I'll see what happens in those sims tomorrow.

Someone gave me a beautiful bouquet of orangey-yellow roses with baby's breath today, for Secretary's Day. It wasn't from my caseworker, so I'm not sure who it was from. I need to photograph them. I want to remember how pretty they are. I absolutely love roses.

Time for bed, now. Good night, everyone!

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