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Nova Roma Today

I swear, the love just keeps on growing.

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  • My Nova Roma Information

    Name: Paulla Corva Gaudialis (Was Renata Corva Cantrix.) GENERAL INFORMATION Status: Active / registered Capite Censi Citizen Since: 2002-01-06…

  • The Modianus Censorial Justification - Short and Sweet

    This is a nice, concise description of the whole controversy. I like it. * * * Equestria Iunia Laeca M. Valerio Potito sal. 1. The Consuls had the…

  • Spiral Herb Bread Recipe Notes

    Bread Recipe Notes I saw this on Youtube and can’t find the video again. Wahhh! It had foreign-language captions with a lot of commenters from…

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