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September 2019
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Aerden [userpic]
Tonight's Dinner

Food: Pork fajitas! Flour totilas stuffed with sliced pork tenderlois, guacamole, and grated asiago cheese. Dee-licious!

I have decided. Pern needs guacamole.

Work: No desk since last Thursday, when they took away the old one, preparatory to bringing a new one in. My computer is unhooked and must be hooked back up to the CCTV, to function. I hate working out of a suitcase. I can read email and print, but only on two separate computers. Bleah.

Voice Lesson: was good today. We're doing some brush-up on basics before I start learning new pieces.

Chia-Wen Bonbright, my accompanist for the NATS audition, is a member of Trio Formosan, a group that plays a variety of chamber music by Western and Oriental composers. Mark and I plan to attend one of her concerts in May. The trio plays violin, cello, and piano.

And More Food!: I will be taking Mark out to dinner on April 30, which is the night when participating local restaurants in Dining Out for Life will doneate 30% of their earnings to AIDS research.

Current Mood: fullfull

Is this the stuff made out of avocados (some kind of Southern greenfruit, I would imagine) or is this the stuff weyrbrats say is made out of green firelizards (not unlike what Aerden might threaten to have made out of poor Celiath one day...)?

D'vor? Why is the Healer-man threatening to grind me up and ship me to Dawn Hold? I do not like Dawn Hold...they were mean to us there!


I'm quite disturbed that my love of guacamole led me to dream about avocado last night. No, really. Very disturbing, especially as I was mercilessly deseeding the poor thing.

I like guacamole, although I haven't eaten any since that time a few years ago when I bought some that turned out to be spoiled and I got very sick.