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November 2019
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Aerden [userpic]
Looking for Towels

Today, I learned that the technical term for 'big-ass bath towel' is 'bath sheet.'

Mark and I have been using a pair of bath sheets for years. I've decided that it's time to retire them to the linen closet or perhaps throw them out, and buy nicer, new ones, which haven't gotten stained by inadvertently being washed with other items.

I looked under 'jumbo bath towel' and 'large bath towel.' I wasn't satisfied with the results. To my way of thinking a towel that is 27"x54" hardly qualifies as 'large.' You can get larger towels than that at Walmart's, for heaven's sake. I know; I looked there, yesterday.

Bath sheets, though, are 40"x70" or longer--definitely my kind of towel. In fact, mine could pass for a small toga on me, if draped properly.

But man, can they get expensive! I saw a price of $70.99 for one bath sheet from some fancy-shmancy place on Amazon. I nearly fell over. Compared to that, $26 seems almost reasonable, except you can get a complete six-piece standard towel set for that price (enough for two people). Still, the bath sheets are 14 inches longer and 10 inches wider than standard towels, so it is reasonable for them to cost more. I'm just a cheapskate because I know how much you can get a standard bath towel for at Walmart--$7.50.

Anyway, I'll give them a look when I get home.


Land's End is having a 20% off everything online right now....

Oooh! And Land's End sells bath sheets. I'll have to check them out. Thanks!


Sure, I do. When I see vast numbers of people screaming in hysteria about censorship, my instinct is to take a step back and qustion, not join them. I never, ever trust people who are trying to convince me of something when they're enraged.


i learned somethign new today as well! I also always called them "large bath towels"

*giggle!* That always worked for me, before. (g)


I don't know how creafty you are, but I'd probably just make one myself. Get a couple yards of towel fabric at the local JoAnn, hem them on the serger, then on the sewing machine if I wanted to be fancy. (If you're not crafty, perhaps you could barter with someone who is?)

Rather than throwing the towels out, you could donate them to an animal shelter.

Kit--I like the idea of donating the old ones to an animal shelter. Thanks for suggesting that!


My mom always uses old towels on the dog--to dry him after a bath or pad the car seat when we travel, because he gets carsick and drools everywhere.

I love bath sheets! I'm almost six feet tall and weigh over two hundred pounds, so it takes a lot of towel to get me dry.

I was trying to remember where I got the last bath sheet I bought--I think it was at a Super Wal-mart, actually. The one closest to where I live has a huge home and bath section.