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May 2019
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Aerden [userpic]
Busy Weekend

I spent the weekend working on my coven's Spring Equinox ritual, which is Persephone-based. We went to gaming Saturday afternoon and got back around 11:30pm. It was a good session, with a new character being introduced while one of our current characters stays at home for the last month of her pregnancy. I suspect that the rest of our characters will rejoin her around the delivery.

Today, we visited Mark's Dad, who is looking amazingly better, a week and two days following his bypass surgery. he was sitting up in a wheelchair, shaved and wearing street clothes. They had taken off the oxygen tubes,, and he was breathing and speaking much better than he had been. He's getting around with a walker or the wheelchair for the time being.

We came home, and I tweaked my ritual and printed the one we will be using tonight. Supper was delicious--steak, with home-grown lettuce from our Aero-Garden, and borsetti pasta in Alfredo sauce. Yum!

It's about time to leave for ritual, so I will end this now. Good night!


I'm glad to hear Mark's dad is doing so well.

A Persephone-based Spring ritual sounds really interesting. Today was Palm Sunday for my family--although I haven't celebrated it for several years now.

I never quite understood what Palm Sunday was for, and I was raised Catholic. I do sometimes take off from work for Good Friday so I can attend Mass, but I don't always take the day off.


I think Palm Sunday is supposed to be the celebration of Jesus's procession into Jerusalem. The people who crowded the roadway to see him supposedly threw palm branches under his donkey's feet so they wouldn't touch the ground.

The one I could never get was Ash Wednesday. I used to rub the ashes off my head as soon as we left the church--they always made me really self-conscious.


Glad to hear Mark's dad is doing so well!

Made it back late last night.