Aerden (aerden) wrote,

Busy Weekend

I spent the weekend working on my coven's Spring Equinox ritual, which is Persephone-based. We went to gaming Saturday afternoon and got back around 11:30pm. It was a good session, with a new character being introduced while one of our current characters stays at home for the last month of her pregnancy. I suspect that the rest of our characters will rejoin her around the delivery.

Today, we visited Mark's Dad, who is looking amazingly better, a week and two days following his bypass surgery. he was sitting up in a wheelchair, shaved and wearing street clothes. They had taken off the oxygen tubes,, and he was breathing and speaking much better than he had been. He's getting around with a walker or the wheelchair for the time being.

We came home, and I tweaked my ritual and printed the one we will be using tonight. Supper was delicious--steak, with home-grown lettuce from our Aero-Garden, and borsetti pasta in Alfredo sauce. Yum!

It's about time to leave for ritual, so I will end this now. Good night!

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