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On Becoming a Cellphone Statistic

Happy Birthday, gypsy_anna! :D

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I am now numbered among the People Who Wear a Cellphone on Their Hip. Gawd.

At the airport in New Orleans yesterday, I was in one of the airport souvenir shops (yeah, I know, stupd!), and I came across a cellphone belt doodad for a Blackberry. I looked it over and decided it looked wide enough to fit my cellphone. It did, so I bought the thing.

This is mainly an effort to be more reachable by people who are trying to call me. For the longest time, my family has complained that I am hard to get hold of. This is because I keep my cellphone in my purse when it isn't being charged, so I usually don't hear it ring. I also am not the world's greatest techno whiz, so I don't always remember how to check for messages and how to retrieve them. Sometimes, I forget to check for messages, entirely. So my family is annoyed that they can't reach me.

Part of this, I think, stems from my personal attitude about cellphones. I have one so that I can call other people easily, not so that other people can call me. I am not the sort of person who rushes to answer my cellphone when it rings. I lived for 35 some-odd years with just a land line, and if I didn't get to that phone in time, the other party could just call back, if they had something important they needed to tell me. Nowadays, I see people answering the cellphones in their cars, while eating at restaurants, while getting their hair done (or while doing someone's hair!), while on the toilet.

I mean, seriously, do you really want to talk with someone when you can hear them urinating? Ugh! So I don't answer the phone just because it rings. It's there for my convenience, not for other peoples'. I figure the world can wait until I'm ready to answer--which means when I'm in a place quiet enough to hear the other party, and definitely not while I'm using the bathroom.

But I do want my family and friends to be able to get hold of me more easily when they need to, so I figured I might as well take the plunge. Now, instead of rolling my eyes at People Who Wear a Cellphone on Their Hip, I am one of them.

Consider me sicklied o'er with the pale cast of thought. (g)

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