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Harry Potter Survey - 100 Questions

Swiped from gmonkey42, who got it from slytherkins.

1) Your HP nickname: I don't really have one. My LJ handle is Aerden, but it's not based in HP fandom.

2) Do you write fanfiction: I write long and involved RP posts and joint posts. I've never written an actual Harry Potter story. I am working on one that stars one of my OC's, though.

3) Draw fanart: Alas, not yet, though it's on my list of things I'd like to do. I would love to draw well-done pictures of Snape.

4) Review much: No.

5) Read too many fics: No. I have more useful things to do with my time.

6) Favorite house: Ravenclaw!

7) Favorite Gryffindor student: Neville Longbottom

8) Favorite Slytherin student: I have seen no Slytherin students in the books who I liked.

9) Favorite Ravenclaw student: Luna Lovegood

10) Favorite Hufflepuff student: Susan Bones

11) Favorite teacher: Man, this is hard. McGonagall, Snape, Lupin, and Hagrid

12) Favorite overall character: Snape, because he is the most complex. Lupin comes in second.

13) Favorite adult: Snape and Lupin

14) Canon/fanon Draco: The only Draco I've ever encountered who I liked was the one in sphogwarts, played by burrakkupansa. Plus, I am not sure what the term 'fanon' means. A fannish version of a character is by definition open to infinite interpretations, so there can't be any such thing as a 'fannish canon' character.

15) Canon/fanon Snape: I prefer canon Snape or the one played by hp_snape, who writes him with dignity and intelligence, rather than as a smut job. Again, I'm not familiar with the term 'fanon.'

16) Voldemort or Dumbledore: Dumbledore. Voldemort is an idiot.

17) Cho, annoying or not: I'm indifferent to her.


18) Your OTP: What is OTP?

19) Other ships you sail: Ron/Hermione,

20) Intriguing ships: Hagrid/Sprout

21) Underimpressive ships to me: Harry/Draco, Snape/Harry. Please, those are so lame--and so predictable.

22) Hated ships: Anything involving a teacher and an underage character. I also dislike slash--not gay pairings, but unrealistic gay pairings.

23) Het, slash or femmeslash: Hetero fiction or gay fiction (between two characters who might conceivably be gay. To my mind, Harry and Ron don't fit in that category.

24) H/Hr or R/Hr: Ron/Hermione

25) D/Hr or D/G: For either of these to happen, Draco would have to grow up a LOT from the way he is in the books.

26) H/D or H/SS: Neither. I've never seen anything to indicate that Harry feels sexual attraction to Snape or Draco, or either of them for him.

27) Older gen, younger gen or cross-gen: Adult gen.


28) Canon or AU: Anything that a fan writes is AU by definition. I prefer the AU's which lean more toward a canon feel, though. If you're not going to stay as true to the spirit of the books as you can, you might as well write in your own original universe and not associate it with HP.

29) Fluff or angst: Angst, if it is done with restraint. I am an angst puppy; just ask my characters.

30) Darkfic: Depends. If it turns into S&M stuff, then no. Nor am I interested in reading DE torture stories. But the occasional dark plot can be very interesting to read.

31) OOC or IC: IC! Why would anyone prefer OOC? That's lame.

32) SuddenlyVeryPowerful!Harry: No. Why would Harry become suddenly powerful?

33) One-shot or chaptered: One-shot, please! If I want chapters, I'll read the books by JKR.

34) Novel-length: it would have to be really well-written or I'd not want to take the time.

35) Gen, het or slash: I prefer gen. If I want a romance, I'll read a romance novel.

36) Drabbles: What are these?

37) SuddenlyVerySexy!Draco: Draco won't be sexy to me until he grows up and matures considerably. I like men, not little, bratty boys.

38) Fanfiction Pet Peeves: Slash fiction that focuses more on dominance than on the story--usually written by bad writers. Also, people who spell the word 'canon' with two n's. I hate that!

39) Canon or Fanon: Like, the books vs fan fiction? Generally, I prefer the books, but I will admit that in many ways, the RPG I'm in has become more 'real' to me than the books, and when I read the books, I am sometimes startled when the canon book characters don't behave as the RPG versions of them would. The way Pansy Parkinson was portrayed in OOTP disgusted me, because she was so unlike the Pansy in my game.

40) Many ships in one fic: No. What is this, Love Boat Hogwarts? There is more to life than romantic relationships.


59) Cried for Cedric: No.

60) Cried for Sirius: No, I can't stand Sirius. He's a twit.

61) Dark or Light Side: I'd like to see both sides developed, but with more depth than is possible in children's books. There is a whole spiritual component to magic that is completely absent from the books. I'd like to see more of that sort of thing.

62) Did the explanation of the prophecy satisfy you: That it's got to be Harry or Voldie? No, I pretty much expected that.

63) Which character(s) needs some more development: I'd like to see JKR's villains be as well-developed as her heroes are. She does a terrible job with her villains. Voldemort could use a lot of work, and so could Draco. And I am always happy to see more development of Snape. :)


64) Favorite artist(s): Pirate Monkey! And Erin Kluk, the artist who painted Snape in "Redemption," viewable at Elfwood. It is truly Art, not just fan art.

65) Favorite drawing style: Realistic

66) Love fanart of: Snape.

67) Fanart Pet Peeves: Cartoony-looking Snapes, unless the piece of art is a cartoon. For godsakes, if you're going to draw Snape, draw him realistically and make his robes look manly, not girly.

68) Stick art: If it's meant as a cartoon, yes. There used to be a woman who drew a lot of Quantum Leap stick art cartoons, and hers were great!

69) Shiny: Huh?

70) Anime/Manga style: Only if it's very well done. I really don't like cutesy portrait art, and certainly not cutesy art of Snape, except in a cartoon.

71) Realism: YES!!!! Definitely!

72) Cartoon: House Sparklypoo. Pirate Monkey is a goddess! :D

73) Gen or shipped: I prefer gen, but I'll read a story about characters in a relationship if I like the pairing or if I'm told it's a good story about a pairing I don't like.


74) Blaise's gender: Male. There was uncertainty about this?

75) Tom Riddle's eye colour: I couldn't care less.

76) Luna fan: Yeah, Luna's great! :)

77) OC's, done or not done: Absolutely! Why would I waste my time writing a story about someone else's characters, when I could be writing about my own? Besides, JKR's characters are copyrighted, even though she does allow her fans to use them. As a writer, I prefer to use my own characters, not someone elses. Professional courtesy. (Okay, I admit, I bend this when it comes to the teachers. They are just too fascinating. But I try to make them be only supporting characters for my OC's.)

78) Liking Weasley ships with 'Flame' or 'Fire' in the name: Oh, good God...If there is a Weasley story out there called anything like Flames of Desire, I will barf--and so will the little Ron in my head.

79) Weasley love: Fred & George are my heroes! :D

80) Malfoy love: No. Ick.

81) Potter love: He's okay. He'll probably wind up dead before he's 20, but he's okay. And I think his great grand-uncle Sherman T. Potter over in the States is just swell! (g)

82) Is Lucius really 49: I think I remember one of the books said he was 41.

83) Brilliant ship name (Don't need to ship it, though!): You mean like 'Snarry?' I think I'll be silly and go with 'Germione.'

84) Plain stupid ship name: ...Snoldemort?

85) Voldemort. Bald. Yes or no: He looks pretty bald to me in all the pictures I've seen. He appears to like the serpenty look. Don't understand it, myself.

86) The power He-Knows-Not and the power that saved Harry is: Love (agape, I think) Is this a survey or a trivia quiz?

87) Your view on Hufflepuff-ies: I see members of Hufflepuff as being in the middle of the bell curve, while members of Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, and Slytherin are all unusually courageous, intelligent, or Pureblooded with an Attitude About It, respectively. To me, Hufflepuffs are generalists, while the other three Houses are specialist Houses. I would guess that Hufflepuff House has the largest population.

88) Should Ron say 'Bloody Brilliant' more then once?: Yes, if he encounters more than one thing in a story that truly is bloody brilliant.

89) Hermione. Pretty. Am I right?: I think Hermione probably looks just as attractive as anyone else. My feeling is that a lot of the teasing about bushy hair and so forth is just kids teasing, though apparently her teeth do need a bit of help.

90) Best HP fanfic ever: My favorite HP group thing from my RPG was fighting all the demons at Ivanovich Manor in Russia. I really have not read very much HP fan fiction. I keep meaning to go to Fiction Alley....

91) Rec the 2nd best, too: I haven't read enough to comment.

92) Did HP change your life dramatically: The fandom has, more than the books. I have made dear friends through the fandom and my RPG.

93) Marauders. Like or dislike: They're interesting to read about; the social dynamics among them and between them and Snape are marvelous, some of JKR's best writing, I think. But the Marauders as people? I don't care much for James and Sirius, and certainly not for Peter.

94) Prongs, Moony, Padfoot or Wormtail: Padfoot is a cool name. The other three suck rocks through a straw. I mean, 'Prongs?' 'Wormtail?' Who would like to be called either of those names? And 'Moony' makes Lupin sound either lovelorn or a follower of a stupid religious cult.

95) Could Lily have been an animagus too: I doubt that she was. My impression is that the animagus stuff was a Guy Thing--male bonding, etc.

96) What animal Lily would've been: How the heck should I know? But if I were Lily, I'd have become a hawk. Too many mammals in that group, already.

97) Did Harry pass his Potions O.W.L.: He has to have, if he intends to become an auror.

98) Did Ron: Good question! It's possible, because Snape was never as interested in sabotaging Ron's potions as he was in sabotaging Harry's. So that might have given Ron a bit of an edge. And without Snape hanging over him during the NEWT examination, Ron like Harry might have done better than usual.

99) Is Harry going to die or will he survive: I suspect he'll survive. These are children's books, after all. Besides, my friend Carol will have a screaming fit if JKR kills off Harry. Hm! Excellent reason to kill him off, there. (EWG)

100) What gives you the most warm fuzzies in your stomach in the whole HP-verse: From the books--Dumbledore's talk about the important things--that we make our own choices, etc. I also adore Fred & George. I also get warm fuzzies from reading about Hagrrid. He's a doll. In fandom--The extreme pleasure from having written something well.

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