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Aerden [userpic]
And the NATS Result Is...

I made semi-finalist!!!

That means that either my cumulative averaged score from the three judges was 90 or higher, or two of the three judges scored me at 90 or higher. I don't have my score sheets back, yet; I'll get them at my next voice lesson.

Either way, it's an improvement over last year's audition--and, as far as I was concerned, a noticeable improvement! I didn't run out of breath, and my voice sounded good and full, to me. Also, I demonstrated the ability to express romantic joy and playfulness in my first piece, immediately followed by crushing loss in the second song.

The room in which I sang was a lot smaller this year than last, with better acoustics, which helped, as I still have a small voice.

But I am still totally thrilled! :D I sang:

1. "Deh, vieni, non tardar" - W. A. Mozart, from Le Nozze di Figaro
2. "Le Couteau" - Nadia Boulanger
3. "The Lowest Trees Have Tops" - John Dowland, from lyrics by Sir Edward Dyer

I hope to improve enough to make finalist in 2010.

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Current Music: "Le Couteau" - Nadia Boulanger


I used to compete for piano in a state competition when I was a kid. I guess I was okay at it--the worst part was memorization. Sometimes I kind of regret that I stopped taking lessons--but I was in a lot of different stuff then, and I had to quit some things (also quit karate, just short of earning my black belt). I think the only thing I was never in was Girl Scouts.

Okay, seriously, I didn't mean to make this a comment all about me, but the idea of a singing competition just brought up some memories. :) Anyway, as I was saying, congratulations. I hope they give you a nice trophy! :)

Hey, I like hearing about what sorts of things my friends do or did. (g)

Nope, no trophy, but I'm more than happy with just having done well enough to make the semis. :)


Also, "Le Couteau" is French for "The Knife," yes? I'm not familiar with it, so now I'm curious.

"Le Couteau"

"It's a 'somebody done somebody wrong song.'

The narrator's lover broke up with him , so he feels as if the lover has stabbed him in the heart, and he cannot pull the knife out--but he doesn't want to pull it out, even if he could, because he still loves the one who put it here.

It's a very neat song. I hope to learn more of Nadia Boulanger's pieces.


Congratulations - that's awesome!! Go you! :D


Yay! Congratulations on the big improvement!

YAaaay go you!

Is there a youtube account where we can hear you sing? ;)

Rocio--Not yet, though I do have some MP3 recordings of myself singing, now, so I might be able to do a YouTube account soon. I don't have video, though.


Hey I'd love to hear some recordings of your singing. Can you e-mail some out to me? Private message me and I'll shoot you my e-mail address. Maybe we can exchange recordings and offer feedback/etc.

I'm happy for your progress!!

Hey, Lance! Good to hear from you.

I'll probably have to wait to send you the file until I come back from New Orleans, but yes, I'd love to exchange recordings with you. I warn you, though, I still sound like an amateur, so don't expect a great operatic sound just yet. (g)


yaaay, looking forward to it :D

Congrats! :D