Aerden (aerden) wrote,

Looking for Dulcina

So I'm reading rclementmoore's new book, Highway to Hell, which is set in a small, Texas town called Dulcina. Looks like it's a fictional town, since I can't find it on Google Maps.

This is the third book in the "Maggie Quinn: Girl vs Evil" series, in which Maggie and her friend Lisa solve paranormal and supernatural mysteries. Maggie and Lisa are traveling to South Padre Island for Spring Break, but before they can get there, they hit a downed cown on the highway and are stranded until they can get Maggie's Jeep repaired.

I'm waiting for them to spend their next Spring Break in Galveston. (g)

Tonight, I was sprawled on the couch in our den, munching on some merlot-flavored beef jerky that our friend Terry made, and half-listening to, half-ignoring, the President's speech.

The book was a lot more entertaining. (g)

Tomorrow, we'll be at the hospital most of the day while Mark's Dad undergoes heart surgery. After that, we'll have dinner and my last rehearsal for the NATS--audition happens Saturday. Then I'm off to New Orleans for a couple of days.

See you later!

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