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May 2019
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Aerden [userpic]
Bones: Eeeek!!!

Dear Dr. Saroyan,

When someone tells you they've never seen a cadaver do that except on Alien, DON"T CUT INTO IT!

I am now biting my nails.



Current Mood: scaredscared

Haha Im loving the new season of Bones!

So am I. And eleven new episodes all in a row! I'm in heaven!

I wonder which assistant they'll decide to keep? I like the blond guy the best--the one whose town helped pay for his education, and he wants to repay them. After him, the British guy who was on last night, and then Fisher.

Glad to meet another Bones fan. :)


I have a soft spot for Zack Addy..so I still want him back on the lab. Can't help but to love that squint! Lol

I'm rewatching Season 4 again..been doing some stalking on tv.com for next episodes too. Hihi