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One Sweep

I went to One Sweep and bought this broom that I saw advertised on TV, because it looks pretty darned impressive, and it cost $10 plus shipping and handling. I figured, for that low a price, it was worth trying out.

So I went to the website and ordered my broom. But it turns out that they do a really obnoxious bait and switch thing on you. What you're ordering is the regular brrom, with rubber bristles. But they offer you the chance to upgrade to the new and improved broom with polymer bristles, for an additional $9.99 per broom (plus additional S&H, of course).

To compound this calumny, if you decline the offer, you get sent to a second screen, which in effect asks, "Are you sure you don't want our new, improved broom?"


I plan to write to The Invention Channel about their crappy sales techniques. Treating your customers as if they are gullible fools is despicable business practice. Their broom had better be really good, because that is the only way that I will ever buy anything from them again or recommend their product to anyone else.

Link swiped from lordavon.

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