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Aerden [userpic]
A Question for Writers

I'm interested in opinions.

Is it better to not write at all, or is it better to write something, anything, even if you realize that you do not have a clear idea of your story's goal and haven't yet done all the background work?

I decided to pause in the writing of Archon of Gloucester because I felt I needed to do more background work and thinking before I continued writihng. It has paid off. I got an excellent idea today for the threats posed by the villain.


When you are a writer, staring out a window counts a working.

I think that we have to be open to where we need to be. Now, if you are on a deadline--say, if you're getting paid for this--I think it would be better to write something...but something you were ready to write. If you need to work on this scene more, write something else in the story. BUT--I think that there really are times when we need to stop, think, do research. And--honestly--that counts as writing!!! It is just as important a piece as getting the words down on paper.

If you want a rough rule--pausing to ponder or research is fine. The most time you get off is 24 hours if it's your job, 3 days if it's just what you want to do. Much longer than that, and you risk being paralyzed by your own inertia.

Not that I am in any way shape or form an expert on this subject!

Yeah, I agree with you about not getting paralyzed by one's own inertia. I do write something every day; it's just not always the bigger projects I'm working on--which, thankfully, are my own and not for a job.