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Aerden [userpic]
Way to Sell Diet Mountain Dew

TV: The Diet Mountain Dew commercial featuring Abraham Lincoln tossing Stephen Douglas off the debate platform during the Lincoln-Douglas debates never fails to crack me up. It must be a sign of my shallow mind. I keep expecting to hear the nice, sedate ladies of the 1860's shouting, "Take it off! Take it off!" as he strips off his coat, tie, and shirt.

I think part of what strikes me as funny is that Lincoln is so skinny in the thing, and I keep thinking, I would think the Rail-Splitter had a bit more bulk in the arms, guys. He was quite thin, though--he would lose a lot of weight during his more severe bouts of depression, to the tune of 40 pounds at a time.

I think he also hadn't yet grown his beard during the debates. but I digress.

Dinner: Mark and I had dinner with Donna at Dimassi's, a Mediterranean restaurant on Holcombe. Delicious, especially the tabouli and the rice pudding.

Twitter: I figured out (I think) why my tweets were not showing and corrected the problem.

In other news, Priceline's The 'Negotiator's tweets are a description of travel deals, whereas the Travelocity Roaming Gnome's tweets are written in-character. Guess which one I'm following.

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I haven't seen that commercial, but it sounds hilarious!

Incidentally, severe stress will also make you lose weight--and I imagine Lincoln was generally pretty stressed ;). I know when I first started college, during my first semester I lost nearly fifty pounds (no freshman fifteen here).