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Aerden [userpic]
Earliest Known Lincoln Portrait

pegkerr posted in Twitter about the newly-discovered earliest known Lincoln portrait. It was published as "Portrait of a Young Man" at one time.

He's rather startlingly good-looking, at the age he was in the daguerrotype. I'd date him.

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I saw a show on the History Channel where they talked about that picture. They did a facial comparison to find out if it was really Lincoln, since it didn't have a name on it. I thought the methods they used to varify it were really fascinating.

Oooh! I hope I get to see that documentary. This year is the Lincoln Bicentennial, so I have hopes that I actually will see that program. (g)


I thought Lincoln was rather handsome in his earlier portrait. I couldn't even tell he'd had an accident when he was ten years old. I wonder if the problem worsened as he aged. It might have caused or affected his depression as well.

Thanks for sharing!

On that website, they theorize that the head injury did contribute to Lincoln's depression by causing diplopia and other vision problems--to the point that Lincoln wou