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May 2019
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Aerden [userpic]
One StarRise Story Down...

I finished Aerden's story "Weyrhealer" last night. Now, I just have to figure out something for Alissi and maybe D'vran. I'd kind of like to kill two birds with one stone instead of waiting until next issue to write a D'vran story.

For the second issue of the revived Out of the Blue, I will start writing earlier so I can get more stories written and then finished sooner. Cripes, Aerden will have to attain his mastery in the next issue, which is far sooner than I'd planned. I guess I'm still used to thinking of OOTB's as quarterly or bi-monthly publications. This bi-annual thing is way different. No wonder the old Ista Weyr zines were so huge.

We have 30 stories in the current issue, so far. Hurray!!!

And gypsy_anna is finally moving back to the US Central time zone, where she belongs. (g)

Current Mood: sleepysleepy

*sigh* I also need to start earlier. I didn't even come CLOSE to finishing a story. Argh. :(

Greg--You still might be able to squeeze one in for this issue if you ask Anna nicely and ply her with chocolate. (g)


Hello, sorry to intrude into your journal.

I´m writing my thesis about social networking sites and advertising.
One of my objectives is to describe what kind of people use sites like LiveJournal.

I randomly chose you because you commented on this LJ Biz post:


So, I was wondering if you could take this questionnaire:


and tell me what was your result.

It´s a survey called VALS, which stands for Values and Life Styles.
It´s used to get consumers profiles.

If you decide to help me, I´ll be really grateful.
If I bothered you, I´m really sorry, I won´t do it again.

Hello, and welcome to my journal. :) It's no intrusion; I'm glad to help you out.

I took the VALS test and got a result of Innovator-Achiever, though I think I am probably more of an Innovator-Thinker.


Thank you so much for your help! =D