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One StarRise Story Down...

I finished Aerden's story "Weyrhealer" last night. Now, I just have to figure out something for Alissi and maybe D'vran. I'd kind of like to kill two birds with one stone instead of waiting until next issue to write a D'vran story.

For the second issue of the revived Out of the Blue, I will start writing earlier so I can get more stories written and then finished sooner. Cripes, Aerden will have to attain his mastery in the next issue, which is far sooner than I'd planned. I guess I'm still used to thinking of OOTB's as quarterly or bi-monthly publications. This bi-annual thing is way different. No wonder the old Ista Weyr zines were so huge.

We have 30 stories in the current issue, so far. Hurray!!!

And gypsy_anna is finally moving back to the US Central time zone, where she belongs. (g)

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