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Afro Samurai, Paul Graves: Weirdness

Unfortunately, I can't blame this bizarre turn of my imagination on anything like Benadryl or Mucinex. Nope, it's all the product of my ought-to-be-fevered brain.

Last night, they showed Afro Samurai: Resurrection on Spike TV. It was an eclectic, vegamatic experience--very strange show. I originally got interested in it because I liked finally seeing a lot of black characters (instead of the token Moor) in a fantasy genre film. And I love kenjutsu, so I was quite interested.

I wasn't terribly thrilled with the execution--I found the art too cariacturized and unrealistic, and I completely missed the fact that one of the characters is illusory--a fact I learned only by reading the Wikipedia article about the series.

Because the illusory character is so Extremely Annoying, I wondered how the story might progress with a character less annoying to me--Mr. Graves. I now realize that the illusory character has to stay, but the idea of inserting Gravesness still has some amusement value for me. Paul would be horrified at the amount of violence that Afro Samurai commits, though, especially to people who are his friends. I think Paul would get angry and impatient with it.

I imagined that Paul would wind up in the Afro Samurai universe by dying and being sent to Limbo, where he has to earn the right to spend the afterlife with Lilith. So God talks to him.

God: "I want you to befriend this samurai fellow down on Earth. Teach him a few things. Guide him along to a more sensible path than the one he's following."

Paul: "A samurai? Interesting. I'm agreeagble to that. I've worked with Piotr and Sergei Rachinov, after all. How much more difficult can this be?"

God: "While you're there, take him to a barber shop, will you? The untrimmed hair thing only worked for Samson; I don't like it on anyone else. And feed him! He's far too skinny--emaciated, even. If you could teach him some social graces, that would help, too."

Paul: "A samurai who has no social graces? Isn't that a non sequitur?"

God: "In this case, no. Now go on down there--and don't let him kill you!"

Paul: "Well, that's reassuring..."

Then I imagined Paul's burning question after he gets to know Afro a bit.

Paull: "Have you a name?"

* * *

In other news, I still have this cold/sinus ickiness. I am probably spreading it to everyone at my workplace, every time I sneeze. On the other hand, we're all spreading something among each other, so I guess I have no cause to feel too guilty. :P

I need to make a new 'Sick' icon.

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