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Aerden [userpic]
Sick with the Plague

Mark and I, our DM, and our friend Terry all have the Creeping Crud. In my case, it's mainly a stuffed up nose that demands to be blown every once in a while, and a mild sore throat. That doesn't sound bad, but I'm not feeling too great. I had a cold a week ago and thought I was over it, but now I've got whatever this thing is. Bleah. Or maybe I just caught it again.

Staying up until 1:30am last night to watch all of the original Dune movie probably didn't help, either. But it was the first time I'd ever seen that movie in which I was able to follow the story, so I wanted to watch the whole thing. I was quite stunned to discover that Dean Stockwell played Dr. Yueh. He looked so much taller in Dune than he did in Quantum Leap.

I worked on StarRise stuff yesterday and will again today. Also need to work on a post for the USS Courageous and on the next installment of The Archon of Gloucester.

Aside from that, I shall be drinking lots of tea.

Current Mood: sicksick

That stinks. Sounds like my family, sort of--if one of us gets sick, we all end up getting sick.

I hope you feel better soon.

Thanks, Ardys! :) So do I. Being sick is annoying.


It stinks being sick on the weekend! I mean it's much better to at least get paid to be sick in bed!

Hope you feel better soon!


Tricia--LOL! I could get paid to blow all this snot out of my nose. I like that idea! :)


Well isn't that what sick day pay is for?

I hope you feel better, Chantal. Sick is the pits.

Every time I see Dune, I *always* go Hey! It's Al! And even better: Hey! It's Captain Picard!

Rosemary--Heh...Patrick Stewart was great as Gurney Hallack!