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December 2018
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Aerden [userpic]
Reading Old SPHogwarts Posts

Not sure why I've spent so much time rereading SPH stuff lately, but I have deeply enjoyed the time I've spent immersing myself in it. I am amazed and still awed at the quality of the stuff we wrote in the JP's.

I read a lot of posts from gareth_adams' journal, this evening. I could cry at the number of unfinished JP's. There's at least one that I didn't realize had been replied to (Gareth's conversation with Jennifer Fletchley). It still kills me that the conversation with Potter will never be finished. Mainly, I just like the idea of Paul having a conversation with Harry. Interesting meeting of minds.

The Piotr/Sergei and Isodora stuff is still quite entertaining. :)

The occlumency one with Millicent still enthralls me. shusu remains one of the most brilliant writers I have ever had the pleasure to collaborate with. I really, really hope to read books by her someday. But I don't know her real name! She could write books, and I would never know.

I wish I had had more opportunities to write with Crys. And there aren't nearly enough JP's with some of the other players. There were players in that game whom it would have been fascinating to write more with.

To my collaborators--padfoot_uk, caersidi, quietlyurban, theo1, marvo, richandme, chipperazzi, miseri, and, of course, shusu, and all those I haven't named, I can never thank you enough for all the wonderful writing and plotting. I don't have words for how wonderful you guys are.

*happy sigh*

Current Mood: jubilantjoyous

Sometimes I think we should start up a game with everyone again. I'd so be for that!

I ran a post-Hogwarts game for a while--Two Alleys RPG, which lasted for a few months. Now that the series is finished, though, I think it would really lack something without Snape. I hate that Rowling killed him off, though I understand dramatically why it had to happen.