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July 2019
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Aerden [userpic]
Google is a Writer's Friend

I've been researching things for The Archon of Gloucester this morning, specifically, the train trip from Cannon Street Station, London, to Gloucester. I need to be a bit more precise with the end destination, but I'm working on it.

It would also be nice to know where the train from Paddington goes if you sleep through the Bristol Temple Meads stop? (Yes, Seth, I am going to be evil to you, if I possibly can!) (g)

Hah! Looks like it goes on to Weston-super-Mare and ends at Taunton. Well, at least you'll be able to sample some Taunton Cider, Seth.

Oh, even better! It's 82.5 miles from Taunton to Gloucester. I'm loving it!

I wonder if it is possible to find Victorian-era train timetables on the Web anywhere? Right now, I'm using the modern timetables, and I'm sure those aren't accurate for the 1880's. Maybe I should dig through Sherlock Holmes stories for train times? But, given Conan Doyle's incredible attention to detail, I'm not sure that even the train times he uses can be trusted. He might have just pulled them out of his hat.

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Pretty sure that the London to Bristol line also extends into South Wales (Newport, Cardiff, Swansea) and also the First Great Western trains used to go London - Bristol - Exeter - Plymouth.

Ask the boy who lives in Bristol! :-)

Rich--Exeter and Plymouth...*cackles evilly* I think, on some runs, they still do, according to the train schedules I looked at. Others do go into Cardiff and Swansea, also to Swindon.


It might even end up being one that goes through Plymouth and ends up in Penzance!

...nearly fallen asleep on that route myself.

As far as I can remember, Doyle never really tells you how long it takes to get somewhere, just when the train leaves, where it came from and where it stops. Usually, someone just says, "I took the such-and-such train this morning to such-and-such station blah blah blah."

Generally, though, if you want to know something about Sherlock Holmes, I'm a good person to talk to. ;)

Yep. It was usually aong the lines of, "If we leave now, we can catch the 213 from Paddington to Croydon." or something like that.

I guess i don't have to follow the Victorian timetables, as this is set on an alternate Earth, anyway.