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Louis Braille Filk

Just when I thought I had seen it all...

A retired colleague emailed me this. I giggled hysterically when I read what it was and thought it ought to be shared for posterity. And so, I give you...

"Song for Louis Braille"
Sung to the rock classic "Louie, Louie" by the Kingsmen.
Chord progression is G major to C major to D minor, back to C.
Lyrics to celebrate the 200th birthday of Louis Braille. I don't know who wrote it.

Now Louie was a man, born two hundred years ago.
And though he couldn’t see, he learned a lot more then we know
It bugged him as a kid, that he couldn’t learn to write,
But later on in school, they would read to him at night.
Chorus: Louie, Louie, oh, oh we got to read now. (Repeat, with; we got to write now)

He played the organ well, and taught his friends the way to play,
Yet Louie still believed, he’d read and write someday.
Then an army officer, showed him how to write with dots,
But Louie knew for sure, he had to change the bumps a lot.


He cut the cell in half, and then he wrote the alphabet.
With slate and stylus skills, the dots would help him not forget.
And even here today, his code can help us pass a test,
Though folks have tried to change it, Louie’s code is still the best.


Louie changed our world, gave us words that we can touch,
We can do it on our own, Read in English, French or Dutch,
And on his special day, every one should stand and say;
Thank you Louie Braille, your code has given us the way! (Repeat last line and out)

Some people will filk anything. *giggles again, shakes head*

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