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Supper Tonight...

...featured sausages stuffed with pieces of apple and Gouda cheese. Mmmm!

Voice Lesson: The lesson went pretty well. we went through the lyrics of the first part of "Deh, vieni, non tardar," and my teacher recorded "Night and Day" by Cole Porter, for me to sing at the NATS, this March.

Even with the throat crud, I was able to hit a high B flat with a decently strong volume. It's an aria from Madama Butterfly called "Quanto cielo, quanto mar!" also known as the "Hummingbird Chorus" because the sopranos hum the B flat while someone else sings the lyrics. I was amazed that I could hit that note, with the way my throat felt--not painful; just coated with crud.

Writing: I was lazy, last night and wrote very little. I'm not feeling terribly enthusiastic about it tonight, either. I'm coming down with a cold, and the bed looks very tempting. I do want to write a little bit tonight, though. Heading off to do so now. I don't have a fever (yet), so I probably will go in to work tomorrow.

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