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Aerden [userpic]
Scarf People

There are people in this world who can take a 72"x28" piece of fabric, drape it, and tie it about their shoulders in such a way that it looks artful and elegant on them.

I am not one of those people.

On me, scarves look as if they are hastily thrown on bedsheets. I want to learn the secret of tying them artfully, because I love scarf wraps and shawls. I own two pashmina scarf wraps, and...well, I don't look anywhere near as elegant in then as something with a name like 'pashmina' should indicate. I look like I was thrown out for Goodwill to come pick up.

Here are instructions for tying a French twist knot from the New York Chique blog. I wouldn't want to wear that style, as it looks a bit suffocating, but it's still pretty.


you and me both! I have lovely pashminas which I now only use to wrap up little babies when I'm doing their pictures. :) they look oh so much better than me. :P