Aerden (aerden) wrote,

LoudTwitter Configuration

I finally found a place that gave good instructions for configuring LoudTwitter to convey my twitters to LiveJournal. Sheesh! Why couldn't there have been simple instructions like this on LoudTwitter?

Anyway, I've set it to post my tweets at 6pm each day. LT doesn't have sensible timezone selections like USA/Central, so I'll see soon (I hope) if I've actually set it for 6pm or for 5pm, my time. It depends on whether Lexington, Kentucky is east or west of Monticello.

I'll be using my Psychotic Penguins icon as the tweets icon. Cute and cuddly, boys, cute and cuddly. (g)

To Jeni_chan: I'm the one who will be developing the StarRise website, but I have to get together with Anna to figure out how to use the HostMonster control panel, because I is clueless. We have all the files ready; it's just using the control panel to upload them that is a mystery to me. I fail at Internet. :P

I do want to get that website up as quickly as possible, so we can have a place where SRW information is easily accessible. It's too difficult to find in the forum.

Writing: Let's see...Tomorrow, I think Seth will get Inquisited. Poor inquisitors.

Today, I doubled my cumulative total in one day's worth of writing. This is probably the only day when that will happen. Still, cool!

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