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Undoubtedly a Fine Film

Movie: Last night's movie was Doubt, starring Meryl Streep as a very old-fashioned, strict, and stubborn nun who suspects that the local parish priest is molesting children (or at least, one child). It is based on a stage play that was written in 2004, and it's set in 1964, during Vatican II.

At first, I was not enthused about the story when I heard it involved the issue of child molestation. I am well aware that some in the priesthood commit this form of abuse, and I fully believe that priests of that sort should be arrested and then removed from their posts and defrocked if found guilty. But I feel that the theme has gotten really old, really fast, and it has become too convenient a plot device, as well as too convenient an excuse to ridicule Catholicism.

However, this story does something a bit different with the issue. It discusses several themes:

  • Desiring to protect children versus knowing for certain that there is anything they need protection from--and accurately determining what they most need protection from.
  • Compromise, sometimes in shocking ways, versus an utter refusal to compromise.
  • The threat of damage to reputation, versus the good ol' boys network.
  • How our past shapes us and whether we can break ourselves free of that mold when it proves to be harmful.
  • How all humans who recognize their own flaws are one under the skin.

I've likely missed a few. In any case, I found Doubt to be a complex and engrossing movie that dealt with some very intricate and subtle issues. I've made up my own mind as to whether the priest in the movie did anything wrong, and that's what you're supposed to do. But the real protagonist character is, as will become obvious to you, one of the nuns.

I give it five stars.

LJ Housekeeping: I've added a few people to my 'most frequently read' friends list because I realized that I miss reading their journals.

Has anyone heard anything out of morsefan? Is she still alive? (Yes, I'm paranoid about that, since November.) She hasn't written anything since 2007, and her last entry sounds as if she fully planned to continue in that journal. *bites knuckles*

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