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The End of Christmas Vacation

I have to return to work tomorrow. *sniffle* I love having had the ten days off, but I need the salary, so... *sigh*

Christmas was very nice, this year, a bit more relaxed than it usually is. We and Tom got together with Mark's Dad, stepmother Sue, and stepbrother Andrew, at Kubla Khan's Mongolian Stir-Fry out on 290. As usual, it was a sublime dining experience, and we shared three desserts among six people. They had fried cheesecake, fried ice cream, and some kind of raspberry thing. Mark and I could never have eaten any one of those desserts in its entirety, but shared among the six of us, we each got just enough to satisfy.

My family has apparently decided that Chantal Must Have Swaters. I'm not quite sure why this is. I mean, it hardly ever gets cold here. But I now have four new sweaters, two red, two navy blue. Go figure. But they are all nice and toasty warm, so I'm not complaining, just scratching my head at the weirdness of getting so many sweaters in one year.

Mark gave me a beautiful, silver Celtic Sun pendant. I love it, and I've barely taken it off except to shower, since Christmas. The only bad thing is the clasp. I think I'll have to find a jewelry store somewhere and see if I can find a chain that I can fasten by myself. I fastened it around my neck the first time by sheer dumb luck.

I received a lovely ritual candle from Tom, and several things from Donna, including a gorgeous scarf, a cheese plane, which I've been trying to find one of for a while, and some six-sided dice from a Las Vegas casino she visited a couple of weeks ago.

I received an electric keyboard from Karina. That was a complete shock. I've missed having a piano and never really expected to ever have one in the house again, simply because I recognize that I'm not really that good a pianist. But having this keyboard should make it easier for me to learn songs for my singing repertoire and be able to practice them on key, instead of guessing at the correct starting pitch as I have been doing.

Lastly, my parents gave me a digital camera, which I am greatly looking forward to using, as soon as I can plow through the quarter-inch thick instruction manual.

Right now, our SCA household (House Bedlam) is trying to decide when and how to meet for our usual winter holidays get-together. No one wants to host, so the suggestion was made to all meet at a restaurant. Unfortunately, this is fraught with problems, as several of our members have dietary needs which preclude certain places. So, as usual, we're having to haggle over that. *sigh*

Maybe we should all just meet at The Black-Eyed Pea, which is what we used to do on Wednesday nights after Dance Guild. I hate to suggest that, though, because I'd rather go to a place that's a bit more interesting than the Pea. I know that the point is to get together, not to have a fancy meal, but I really don't want to eat at someplace where I can dine any night of the week, if I wanted. I want to eat someplace special, for a special evening with my closest friends.

Not much else going on, today. I spent the day writing and watching The History Channel, for the most part.

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