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Writing: Paul's World

Writing: I decided I'd spend today working on a setting in which I could write non-Potterverse stories about Paul Graves.

It's going to be similar in feel to Victorian England--because, to be honest, Sherlock Holmes was the root inspiration for Mr. Graves. The internal conflict, and Paul's heart were my doing, but Holmes is where Graves comes from.

Anyway...There will also, I think, be some form of religious oppression in this world, which will take the place of the Death-Eaters. I don't want it to be Christianity; I've got an idea for it that I hope will be interesting to people.

I will include Seth, because they both need each other to play off of. Besides, part of what turned Paul away from the dark side was seeing, not only how it was damaging him, but also how it was damaging Seth. He'd be willing to allow himself to be damaged into oblivion--but not his son. And, once he remembers how beautiful love is--not himself, either.

Edit: Okay, I've worked out the basics of the religion. I've decided that the story should begin with Seth meeting the priestess of Sophia. Then Paul should meet her.

And...then his world will be turned upside-down. *cackles evilly to self*

Viv, I must write to you about this.

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