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Aerden [userpic]

Mark, Tom, and I saw Valkyrie tonight. I thought it was a pretty good film and that Tom Cruise gave a decent performance. His character broke the first rule of assassination, but other than that...I enjoyed the film.

Von Stauffenberg's was apparently the last of several unsuccessful attempts to assassinate Hitler. Speaking of Hitler, the actor who played him had an incredible voice--quite beautiful--and also quite menacing in the scene of Hitler on the phone with Goebels. I asked Mark if he'd ever heard Hitler's normal speaking voice and if it sounded like that, but, like me, Mark has only ever heard recordings of Hitler ranting.

Heading to bed, now. Good night!

Current Mood: sleepysleepy

What is the first rule of assassination? Actually, I don't know any of the rules... :-D

Hi! Good to hear from you!

First rule of assassination: Make sure the target is actually dead. (g)


(No subject) - (Anonymous)

*snicker* Poor Stauffenberg.