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My Mind Wanders

IMS: Hey, Suse--Apparently, snow freezes zombies. I wish Myradin, Ilena, and Taseh had known that when they were fighting them in Highgate. Would've saved us all a lot of trouble. (g)

Our friend Terry has started up a business with his brother and future SIL, making beef (and now chicken) jerky. Their business is called Nut Tree Jerky for their last name, Noteboom, and it's good stuff!. I had bought a pound of it a couple of weeks ago, at our last gaming session, and he brought it to gaming last night. Very tasty, but you really have to go to work on your teeth with a toothpick, afterward.

They make it in various flavors. The flavors I bought were Mesquite, Original, Cajun, and Pepper. They also make Teriyaki, Blue Ribbon, and Beer flavors. They're experimenting with a ginger flavor.

The weather has turned cold. *whine* I'm wearing my winter sweater over a t-shirt. I own one Winter Sweater, so named because it's thick, heavy, and has long sleeves that can hang down to cover my fingers if I don't roll them up.

I did some writing this morning and hope to do more later today, maybe even when I finish this entry. I'm also going to see if Viv is online. I was bad and forgot to check for her being online until now, when it's 6pm where she lives. *sigh*

I've got my family and gaming Christmas shopping done; now I just need to finish that for the coven. I'll have to see what sort of stuff is on sale at Morticia's Morgue.

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