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Nova Roma

(Nova Roman geekery to follow)

Nova Roma is a Roman cultural recreationist group I belong to. It's a national organization that is interested in reviving the best of Roman culture in the modern world. It also seeks to promote the Roman religion.

I just received word (by way of being invited to join the Comitia Curiata list) that I have been chosen to be a lictor.

I was informed back in October that my name would be considered unless I declined. I wrote back that I would be honored. I was still quite surprised to be chosen and stunned to be asked, in the first place.

The duties of a lictor/lictrix include investing the senior magistrates (curule aedile, praetor, and consul) with imperium, or the authority of office. also included are the duties of confirming new appointments to the priesthood and of approving adoptions. Lictors also served as bodyguards of sorts for the priests and high magistrates. Magistrates had the right to be preceded in the streets by a certain number of lictors, according to their position. The lictors of magistrates holding imperium carried the fasces, a fundle of rods tied around an axe.

I am looking forward to this a great deal.

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