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Aerden [userpic]
Celtic Christianity Retreat

My friend Donna invited me to attend a retreat today at her church. Its subject was Celtic Christianity, so I gladly accepted.

I enjoyed it quite a bit. I've never attended a retreat before, so I wasn't quite sure what to expect. My impression was that it was mainly about religious self-renewal. I think I had expected something more along the lines of a scholarly lecture about Celtic Christianity. Still, I enjoyed the event, and I liked the two speakers, Mary and Sylvia, a lot.

One of them was Reverend Mary Earl, who is an Episcopal priest based in San Antonio. She spoke to us of a pilgrimage she went on to the island of Iona. That place is near and dear to me because of SPH, so I was very interested to learn of St. Columba's Bay and St. Brigid's Well. Mary spoke a lot of how the Celts view Christianity, that they see God as being in all of nature, that there is never any such thing as seperateness from God and how, at the time of death, we are reunited with the divine.

This dovetails a lot with my own religious thinking, and I found the way Mary explained it to be very beautiful. She spoke of there being times when we need to contemplate, times when we need to challenge ourselves, and times when we first need to take care of ourselves before beginning any religious work.

I think I would like to go on a pilgrimage to Iona someday.

I thought of Crys today during the retreat. I got teary-eyed, but after a little while, I felt peaceful.

All I want for Christmas: My Mom called today to ask what I wanted for Christmas. I told her there wasn't really anything I wanted; I have everything I need or want. Then I got onto LiveJournal and read caersidi's journal and found this:

It's made by an Italian manufacturer and costs 3,900 GBP. But I'll bet, if I knew anything about carpentry, I could make if for less than $300.

Current Mood: contemplativecontemplative

Heh, that kind of drive... was something different.

Peaceful comes and goes but last night was definitely in that state of mind. Mainly coz the other areas of my life - like Christmas! - are the bits stressing me!


It's like that with me, too. A lot of times, the whammy comes when I'm watching a movie trailer or the movie itself, and I automatically start thinking now, I'll bet Crys would like this. or I would love to see what Crys would say about this movie. and so forth.

We saw The Day the Earth Stood Still last Friday, and I knew Crys would make an icon of Gort if he were still here. He probably already has one from the original movie.

Usually, though, the movie moments are loving, but wistful.

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