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Assorted Goodies

Politics: This whole Rod Blagojevich thing is just bizarre. I hope Chicago boots him out of office.

The affidavit pretty much precludes any involvement on Barack Obama's part, and I'm glad about that. This is an ugly mess that the guy doesn't need to have to be entangled in upon assuming office. I don't think it's accurate that Obama never discussed his Senate seat's successor with Blagojevich--I mean, he'd have to wouldn't he?--but I figure, if Blagojevich did try to get a bribe, Obama probably brushed him off.

The History Channel: I got to see The Naked Archaeologist last night. He was talking about Balaam and his talking donkey, as well as sex and violence in the Bible. He did kind of a cheesy job of it. I was more interested in the episode about Judas, which I think was much better done, especially the theorizing about the reason behind Judas' suicide.

Life: Our next-door neighbor's house caught fire, yesterdau. Mark called me while I was coming home on the bus and told me not to worry, if I saw ambulances and fire trucks parked at our curb. When I got to my bus stop, they had all gone, and I went inside the grocery store for a few things.

When I came out a few minutes later, the fire trucks had returned--apparently, the fire had started up again. This time, they stayed from around 5:45 until nearly 10pm making sure that the fire was well and truly out, I guess. I crossed the street from the grocery store to the sidewalk that borders my neighborhood and took the long way home.

No one was hurt, as no one lives in the house. The owner has been keeping it but has not been trying to sell it. He's going to have an even harder time selling it, now.

The Weather Overhead: We had snow flurries last night! Mark told me there was snow in our back yard. I didn't go to look because, unless it's been really cold for a while, and unless it's more than flurries, snow in Houston is just not worth writing home about. Usually, it melts as soon as it hits the ground. Today was too warm to sustain the snow, and tonight, the weather is clear. Yesterday, though, the sky was leaden and dismal all day, with scattered heavy rain. I'm told the temperature is to dip into the 20's tonight. Brrrr!

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